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All those with the spark of magic within them fear the Kin of the Burning Night, an order of divine fanatics sworn to the eradication of arcane spellcasters, deeming them ‘tainted’ by prolonged contact with the Weave.

For the last three decades, the Kin have dedicated themselves to the culling of mages — executing those they can, and shipping those that they cannot to Fornan’s Gaol, the highest security prison in the realm. Secreted high atop the Jutgarde Peaks, hidden amidst the sharp, jagged rocks, the jail now holds some of the strongest spellcasters in the world. The jailers, commanded by the cruel Warden Renault, keep the prisoners in a constant state of deprivation, cut off completely from their magic. It’s said that those taken there are never seen again, and none save the Kin dare enter the walls freely. But for some, the rewards outweigh the risks.

To rescue a friend, to get revenge on a corrupt order, or to plunder the loot within its walls, what guides you to the jaws of Fornan’s Gaol?

This is the third entry in Black Tome Press' one-page dungeon series Black Tome Pages.

Cover art: Prison Scene by Francesco Piranesi


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